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American English Education

American English Education

American English Education

American English Education

Informing, inspiring and impacting the lives of English language students since 1993


Informing, inspiring and impacting the lives of English language students since 1993

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Самая лучшая школа!

American English Education это лучшая языковая школа, и вообще школа, в которую Я когда-либо ходила. Я уверенно могу отнести эту школу в разряд high class, так как качество обучения для меня в первую очередь это результативность и эффективность при доступных затратах за минимальные сроки. Своеобразный подход обучения, основанный на «перепрошивке» твоего сознания на другой язык, словно углубляет тебя в языковую среду, и прогресс на лицо: ты невольно начинаешь мыслить на другом языке. Комфортная атмосфера, профессиональные преподаватели, несистемный подход. Рекомендую людям любого возраста, кому нужен результат без горы учебников и обременения «домашним занятием»

Даниелла А | Бруклин, США

Компетентные репетиторы

Приехав с Белоруссии в США под 9 класс, я никак не мог достаточно преодолеть языковой барьер чтобы сдать государственный экзамен REGENTS по Английскому языку и получить диплом об окончании средней школы. Сдавал 5 раз, нанимали репетиторов, никак не получалось добрать достаточно баллов пока мы с мамой не нашли American English Education. Мне предоставили американского преподавателя которая немного понимала русскую речь, мы к этому отнеслись скептически поначалу... Через 3 месяца обучения, я успешно сдал экзамен и получил диплом! Спасибо за все! Мы с мамой очень благодарны! 

Дима Х | Бруклин, США

Thank you!

When I first arrived to US, I could not understand American English speech. I was embarrassed and shy to speak English to anyone around me. I am in my late 40s now and I thought I was too old to learn English at that time. Then, a friend of mine told me about American English Education and how they helped her gain confidence in speaking English. So I decided to try. I am so happy I did! I should have done it earlier! Today, I am confident in my speaking abilities and learning English turned out to be an easy and exciting activity! 

Cetin D. | Ankara, Turkey

Hi, my name is Leonid Kim. I like studying at American English Education. The explanations are easy to understand, my teacher is very experienced and competent. For about 10 years, I have been trying to learn English tenses but no one was able to explain them to me properly. Finally, my teacher at the American English Education helped me understand all of them in just one lesson! I will recommend your school to everyone I know who wants to learn English!

Leonid K. | Tashkent, Uzbekistan

I recently started learning English with American English Education online, and I already can see a difference in my grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation! Highly recommended! 

Maria A. | Moscow, Russia

I have spent a lot of money, time and resources attending many local group classes in an attempt to learn English in the past three years but I still struggled to speak independently. With the help of American English Education tutor, I finally understood how sentences are created and questions posed! Thank you so much!

Angela S. | NYC, USA


To instill confidence, knowledge and skill in each and every aspiring English language learner, one student at a time.


To become the world's most popular, innovative and established English language learning and acquisition experts by 2030.

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What makes us special?

We are the only learning facility in New York City that specializes in teaching English language learners to speak American English without textbooks, homework or reading assignments. We offer 100% live language experience. Our classes are uber small: only up to 4 students per class. Classes are held Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 9PM. Each lesson is 45 minutes.

American English Education

1701 Avenue P, Brooklyn, New York 11229

(978) 434-0099

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